Triboo is the only partner for online commerce.

Store management

Our expertise allows us to define and guarantee the achievement of sales and profitability targets of e-commerce stores, identifying and proposing the best possible sales strategies aimed at maximising, simultaneously, satisfaction of the Company’s requirements. Triboo manages the income statement of e-commerce stores, constantly monitoring traffic trends, orders, turnover and the conversion rate of the stores; it also prepares a monthly budget/year-to-date report for each store. Our task is to guarantee the smooth running of the store’s commercial cycle (monitoring correct website operations, setting up the store, orders and online payments, customer purchases, invoicing, restocking) and the satisfaction of the end consumers, monitoring the activities of the Customer Care Team and directly managing cases of non-standard claims. Our attention is focused on providing the most appropriate sales strategies and on relationships with end consumers, this is why we provide our customers with tailor made solutions ranging from product promotion to changes in assortment through to inventory management and planning of web marketing activities.


We support our customers in the placement of their products in international marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Spartoo, Tmall, JD, Lazada, Secoo, WeChat, Weibo and many others: from the simple placement of the catalogue on the platform to dedicated buying activities and business intelligence.

Triboo is the accredited partner to operate on

  • Integration of systems
  • Customer care
  • Operations management
  • Certifications and authorisations
  • Store management of channels and corners
  • Digital marketing activities and value-added services


We manage the performance of stores in terms of conversion on payments and market analysis aimed at introducing new payment methods or guaranteeing the best possible combination of efficiency and efficacy with regard to the payment methods used in each different country.

The service to our customers foresees the use of payment systems on a contractual and commercial level (new store activation, negotiation and pricing verification), ranging from the most common systems to social media payments. To guarantee the security of our customers, we conduct anti-fraud checks on orders and chargeback monitoring, putting in place the most appropriate prevention policies.


We have the expertise and partnerships to build a dynamic and adaptable presence network on international markets across the world: legal entities and representatives in the main foreign countries in accordance with current legislation, qualified logistics partners for the local market and dedicated warehouses in China and USA.

We don’t simply manage the logistics and warehousing but we also have the skills to understand the communication, marketing and advertising logics typical of the individual market, thanks to dedicated know-how and resources on the territory.

Customer care

Customer care is a fundamental step in the customer journey, so we provide end consumers with an inbound customer care service in five different languages.

We guarantee the monitoring and intervention on the correct processing of orders within 48 working hours for all our stores.

Moreover, the customer care service also deals with the clearance of Non-EU orders and the release of stocks, as well as returns and refunds.


We guarantee our customers the efficiency and efficacy of the logistics process and the shipping of goods, managing contracts and relations with partners, negotiating tariffs and expanding any available spaces. We supervise the accuracy of the logistic operational processes (receipt and loading of goods, order processing, management of returned materials), intervening onsite if any criticalities arise.

We check for alignment of the system inventory with the physical warehouse and propose the most suitable solutions for the optimization of communication and document flows between logistics partners and proprietors.

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