With Triboo, businesses boost their sales with innovative and high-performing digital solutions.


Thanks to a specialised desk with professional renowned at an international level, we are able to provide a complete suite of SEO products that help to position websites and stores on search engines and generate significant volumes of traffic that can increase/optimise conversions.

  • SEO audits
  • Entrance link audit
  • Onsite SEO
  • Offsite SEO
  • Local SEO
  • International SEO
  • Product sheet SEO
  • SEO migration
  • SEO on YouTube


The Biddable team is in charge of analysing and planning the coverage of the most suitable keyword and target mix to reach the brand’s targets.

Generic campaigns by industry and vertical campaigns by brand or product are implemented with a continuous optimization system, thanks to the exploitation of cutting-edge smart bidding platforms.

Triboo is a Google Premiere Partner and also boasts  certifications for Bing and Yandex; this means it can convey the investments towards this channel in the most suitable circuits to the reference market.

Thanks to proprietary software, we are also able to measure the ROI of campaigns in real time, cross-referencing data on expense versus turnover or other KPI achieved, guaranteeing full visibility and transparency towards our partners.

Social media marketing

Our customers – with and without eCommerce – find us to be the ideal strategic and operative partner to manage the Brand’s social media channels, providing live chat and live blogging activities, creating UGC and influencer marketing campaigns.

  • Social media channel management
  • Live & social events
  • Chatbot
  • Social media listening & monitoring
  • Influence marketing
  • Digital PR
  • UGC Campaigns
  • Moderation and community management
  • Crisis management

Design & UX

Thanks to a dedicated team of professionals, we provide interventions to improve the UX of corporate and eCommerce websites consisting of the analysis of the existing prospect and the execution of the interventions required to impact the expected business and branding results.

  • Analysis and benchmarking
  • A/B Tests
  • Wireframe and flowchart
  • Validation layout
  • Prototyping
  • UX tracking and reporting

Performance marketing

We support eCommerce and communication projects with digital marketing campaigns that use all the tools necessary to impact various phases of a user acquisition process, from awareness to lead, from acquisition to loyalty.

  • RTB Display
  • Retargeting
  • Affiliation
  • Prospecting
  • Search engine advertising
  • Social ads
  • Email marketing

Marketing automation

In partnership with the top ranking platforms in the industry, we provide marketing automation services capable of hooking customers with personalised messages and notifications based on their interests and the interactions they have with the contents of the eCommerce website.

  • Triggered email/SMS
  • Sending communications to user segments
  • DB profiling
  • Provision of custom content

Lead generation

We can count on a dedicated team with outstandingly strong skills and many years of experience in Performance Marketing and Lead Generation, which offers a distinctive and superior quality service, with the creation of 100% qualified LEADS, certified and filtered according to the specific target of each customer .

Thanks to our proprietary technology, we can intercept online user behaviour and, by means of a pre-selection system, deliver a qualified contact to our customers who is really interested in the product.

We provide a generated lead survey to measure the level of satisfaction of the purchased service. Our services are guaranteed by a highly specialised call centre based in Italy.

Digital direct marketing

Performances are in our DNA and, thanks to our extensive experience, the numbers and the quality of our publishing network, we provide concrete solutions to maximise contacts, leads and sales with timely and constant attention focused on achieving the campaign targets and goals.

Thanks to a multi-channel based planning, we are able to reach the desired target by exploiting all the tools at our disposal: email, sms, social network, display, search engine marketing.

  • Optimization of incoming traffic flows
  • Creation and optimization of multiple responsive landing pages
  • Traffic channelling to the most performing landing sites
  • Acceleration of the acquisition process
  • Continuous analysis and modification of the variables using A/B Test methods


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