Research and development are the keys to achieving the innovation demands of corporate business

Project management

Project Management consists of drawing up development plans and defining objectives, time frames and costs. It allows us to carry out the operational planning of activities and to check the progress of each individual project along with its consistency with the original project.

System integration

The stores we create are perfectly integrated within the customer’s information chain. Our library has developed over 300 proprietary features that enhance user experience and have a significant impact on store performance.



Our experience allows us to set up customised platforms tailored to meet customer requirements, ensuring the use of superior technology combined with top quality design and creativity to guarantee the best possible customer experience.


Our Q&I team is dedicated to the research and development of innovative solutions and features to raise the quality standard of digital platforms hence optimising internal flows and processes.


The localization service is not limited to the translation of the store and the adaptation to local units of measure, but it achieves a precise customisation of the catalogue by differentiating the stock, pricing and communication codes.  A useful service to guarantee a superior quality user experience and purchasing process.


With our translation services, we guarantee our customers a team of qualified mother tongue translators specialised in commercial, editorial and advertising aspects in order to better communicate the tone of voice of our partners.

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