Over 500 professionals to build a real digital transformation pathway together

Digital Transformation

Digital aspects and their logic are having more and more impact on the success of a company: tools to communicate better, sell better and get to know their customers better, with no distinction between online and offline.

A growth path that not only impacts the online product marketing aspects, but also extends to all the key activities of a company: from the internal structure to branding, from offline retail policies to CRM.

Digital Innovation

Digital is by definition a reality in continuous evolution and transformation: to keep abreast it is therefore crucial to continue to acquire new skills and expertise and monitor international best practices.

To respond to these challenges we place the know-how of our best talents at your disposal, to provide consulting services and to identify transformation and training paths together.

E-commerce operations

We manage with you the creation and operational management process of your electronic commerce business: from the choice of the platform to the payment operational services, from inventory management to omni-channel logics, up to the launch on the international markets and marketplaces.

We adapt our services to suit your specific needs and to your actual requirements, designing tailor-made solutions that can best be integrated with the internal logics of production, distribution and marketing of the product.

Data management

We interpret the data that the digital channels provide us with and, on the basis of this information, we build highly targeted and personalised communication strategies, reaching the most suitable target, at the most suitable time, with the most suitable message.

We place advanced technologies and expertise at the service of online advertising targeting exploiting proprietary Audience Analytics and DMP (Data Management Platform) systems.

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