Triboo is the sole partner for the creation and distribution of content.


Our dynamic and creative structure allows us to carry our photo and video shoots specifically designed to respond to the dynamics of the web: technical content but with an eye-catching component, and flexible and cost-effective production.

  • Photographic shoots and video footage
  • Editing
  • Creative management
  • Post-production
  • Moodboard & photoshooting guidelines
  • Image and styling advice
  • Casting and booking of models
  • Make-up and hair-styling


Creativity and communication

“Content that works, creative that sells”: this is the philosophy with which we develop communication projects for our customers – with or without eCommerce – with the objective of supporting brand positioning on online channels.

  • Website design
  • Branding and institutional content
  • Communication campaign
  • Creativity for advertising and newsletters
  • Blogs and editorial magazines
  • Competitions and special initiatives
  • Lloyaltyprogrammes
  • Branded video content

Triboo studios

Given the Group’s long-standing experience in Brand communication, Triboo Studios places our consolidated expertise in the creation and distribution of original and multimedia content at your complete service, both online and offline.

We offer effective tools for communicating Brand values and generating emotion in consumers. We are specialists in:

  • EDITORIAL & DESIGN: Leading journalists, industry experts and editors specialised in creating content optimised for online media
  • MULTIMEDIA: Vertical expertise at the service of creative, multimedia, emotional and design productions
  • EVENTS:  Synergy between online and offline communication to position the Brand in important events on the Italian territory. We create unique experiences to create a physical link between consumers and the Brand and to generate an emotional memory with the brand.

Branded Content Projects

For special events, we dress for the occasion.

We create customised projects that identify and put in place the best possible communication solutions to allow you to achieve your business goals with a communication that differs from standard formats.

To advertise an event or promote the release of a new product or the opening of a store, or simply if you want to explain the key aspects of your flagship product.

We receive the brief and work on the design of the creative proposal throughout all the processing phases.

We provide consultancy services and put in place all the communication levers available to the Group to ensure high impact and performing communication.

Our range of publishing products and contents

The Triboo publishing portfolio consists of 50 proprietary publications and over 320 licensed websites.


The independent monthly on money and investments  dedicated to finance professionals.


Blogo network that aggregates over 50 vertical magazines: from motors to entertainment, from women’s topics to technology, from sport to...


RMC SPORT NETWORK is the reference point for all sports lovers, both in FM and digital.

20130320114729 is the magazine for those who take an interest in their lifestyle and love to live their passions to the full.

AGRODOLCE is the food magazine that explores all aspects of the food and gastronomy worlds.


Since 1997 it has been the top Italian website, for audience and authority, on IT topics.


From start-ups, innovation based entrepreneurial challenges, to the progress of scientific research, reporting every day on the latest “digital innovators”.


GreenStyle is the eco-sustainable information website based on the "three Rs":reduce, reuse and recycle.

Gravidanza Online

For over 11 years it has been the reference point for the world of maternity, motherhood and early childhood.


It is the portal for students that offers superior quality services and content on top topics of common interest.

Roba da Donne

It is the largest and most active female community on Facebook and a magazine that ranges from information to entertainment.


It is the magazine that speaks to women, their passions and their emotions at 360 degrees.

0 Proprietary Magazines
0+ Licensed websites

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