We translate your communication needs into advertising campaigns

Branding solutions

Experience system
The publishing excellence of Triboo grouped into thematic areas to provide a narration of the innovative Brand.

A mix of editorial quality and authoritativeness capable of capturing the interest of the desired target in a distinctive manner.

  • Specialised press and editors
  • Guaranteed dissemination and virality
  • Positioning on search engines
  • Brand Ambassadors and Influencers to spotlight the content and engage the target
  • Certified results and performance respecting the Brand (Brand Safety)

Video advertising

Our video solutions for your communication and the innovative VIEWMAX format.

  • Highly sophisticated design for minimal impact on User Experience
  • Patented and exclusive technologies to guarantee a video advert which is resistant to page scrolling and user browsing.
  • Guaranteed performance well above market standards (85% viewability and 80% completion rate)
  • Brand protection with publishing in quality editorial contexts alone



Triboo has units specialised in advanced targeting services: thanks to the use of a proprietary DMP that collects data on almost 90% of Digital Audience, we are able to profile exceptionally specific targets and deliver customised content..

  • Targeted ADV
  • Targeted CMS
  • Lookalike research & ADV
  • Custom Triboo Data Targeted ADV
  • Custom Triboo Data to CMS


Our dedicated team has set itself the strategic objective of the aggregation of inventory and qualified audience generated by leading online sites in their respective sectors, with the aim of enabling them to provide Programmatic Advertising at a technical-commercial level. Our mission is to enable the supply and demand to the most advanced Programmatic Advertising platforms in order to improve the monetisation of the managed inventory, whilst constantly challenging the limits of technology to raise the level of compatibility and innovation. Our group is currently the exclusive re-seller of the Sharethrough platform, world leader in Native Advertising and Adform’s advanced partner in the management of the most complex Rich Media in Programmatic Advertising.

We are the ideal interlocutor for publishers searching for a partner who is able to support them in every area of ?programmatic business: from traditional displays, to Rich Media Videos and Native.

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